October 25, 2016

Irish Advisory Committee



The Chester Beatty is the pre-eminent Irish museum promoting the appreciation and understanding of world cultures with holdings of manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. An engaging and welcoming space, visitors from Ireland and overseas will find permanent and temporary displays, an intercultural learning programme and a broad variety of public activities for all ages and backgrounds.
A vibrant National Cultural Institution, the Chester Beatty also reaches out to the culturally diverse communities in Ireland. By drawing upon and interpreting the wonderful collections, the museum actively engages with the newest members of our society.

Once the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875 – 1968), a successful American mining engineer, collector and philanthropist, the Chester Beatty is also today a research library for scholars from all over the world.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: 353 1 407 0750




As the national museum of modern and contemporary art, IMMA is committed to supporting, generating, and collecting innovative creative practice. As it continues to build a world-class Collection, it has also established itself as a leading site of research for the collecting of Irish and Global contemporary practice.

Home of a major exhibitions programme and a renowned artists residency, IMMA acts as a creative global connector, establishing partnerships and advocating for Irish artists on the international stage. Through exhibitions and programming, IMMA seeks to be a catalyst for change by sharing creative stories, facilitating discourse and reflecting on the social, political and environmental movements of our time. IMMA utilizes its historic home at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham by allowing the artistic programme to spill out beyond the gallery walls into the 48-acre site, creating a radically public space for its local communities to engage freely with culture.

Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, Ireland

Tel: 353 1 612 9900